Sandra Knoss

From Sandra

Often the vibrancy of the prairies is washed out by its vastness. The rich colours I use in my paintings are there in the grasses, trees, flowers, sky and earth. I paint the landscape as I see it and try to bring the colour to the forefront. My painting is about composition, colour combinations and pattern. Motion is also a major component. I am constantly fine tuning the painting and making adjustments to color and form 'til it feels right.
Saskatchewan is a diverse province with many landscapes. Some are iconic and some unknown. I search to depict both in a fresh manner. This is where I have lived my whole life and I find it exciting, beautiful and challenging with unlimited inspiration.

From June 11th to 20th, void will be showing new works by Sandra. A reception will be held Friday, June 12th, 7 to 9 pm. - join the Facebook event